Saturday, January 15, 2011

Megan's Super Cute Wedding Dinner...Jan, 2011 - Mesa, AZ

k, so...

people always ask me about decorating

in a church/cultural hall. This is how I feel about it.

I don't care how you disguise it,

it's still going to be a cultural hall.

But... that doesn't mean it isn't a super cute cultural hall.

Even when you hang a false ceiling, hang drapery on the walls,

you still walk into the cultural hall

and you know you're in the cultural hall.

I actually don't mind decorating it ...

I like the huge space it lends.

But, I think when you decorate there...

the actual space needs to find a place

in the 'back' of your head

and you have to focus on the cute stuff in it...

rather than the walls, the yellow gym floor or carpeting, etc.

This cute girlie gave me a fun inspiration board to work with: Anthropologie! Not everything in Anthropologie...but specific color mixes, and a little funk (black and white polka dots!)...

The new awning turned out great... the food table was all black and white - so the Love, LOVE, love striped artpiece in the back popped!

This wedding dinner was all about color!

Do you just love these new runners?

...Royal Couture...

ummmmm...yeah, they're one of my new favorite things!!!

So, keep in your mind the

black & white polka dots,

then bring in this super cute orange damask

w/flat and shiney stripe ruffle...

...and this apple green and brown paisley

hugged by a brown & white polka dot ruffle...

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