Saturday, March 12, 2011

WW Teacher Luncheon...Picnic Party! - Mesa, AZ

There are over 200 teachers at the high school my kids attend.
I'm happily involved w/a bunch of "moms" who love to show them how much we appreciate all their hard work the 8+ hrs a day they teach, coach, mentor & love our kids!
We feed them twice a year...
This time, a "picnic" theme was chosen...

We brought in 200+ pieces of fresh fried chicken;
some of the yummiest baked beans
(shhh! the recipe is top secret!)
...and top that with all sorts of the most delicious salads ever = Happy Me!

You can see from some of the pictures how YUM they look!
I'm super grateful to surround myself with the best women ever... and they can ALL cook!

There are a few "obstacles" in our teacher's lounge...
one is that this thing that we have to use to serve them
from is a permanent fixture in there...
so cute tables and linens are a challenge.

I have lots of these polka dot & striped bowls
in the perfect colors for a picnic!
...bring on the picnic ants, please! ;)

The tent cards clipped atop super cute
b/w polka pinwheels...
and of course, the detail of the
tent card itself WAS NOT overlooked!
{notice the gingham tablecloth & place setting}

Normally, I like to have everything pre-printed in a cute font,
but I wasn't sure what kinds of salads we were having
so I let everyone write in their own.
I think it turned out pretty cute!
Papergoods were served
from a picnic basket!
Just red, white & black plain plates -
which was ok this time -
since the napkins screamed FUN
with the three patterns!
I don't think we were lacking in pattern!
This is a picture of the "obstacle" - ;)
Not-so-cute, but I think we did ok disguising it!
I had several of these ceramic ants all over the place...
they're serving bowls and come with a cute gingham knife, too.
But, I used them just for decoration.

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