Saturday, March 12, 2011

WW Teacher Luncheon...Picnic Party! part 2

Don't you want some of that potato salad?
We served it in individual cups...& the bbq & plain chips in cute bags!
I love having a good mix of "individual serving size"
stuff on the table mixed with the "bulk" stuff...
it adds some drama and makes it more interesting!
We had a small dessert area at the end
of the "obstacle" with a different linen.
It makes me happy to have different patterns!
Did you notice the platters, too?

These were all served under a sign reminding our teachers that we love them.
Little "ant" platters for more desserts to fit on.
When I took these pictures, everything wasn't fully stocked yet.
There were brownie bites, rice krispy treats,
cookies, etc., too.
I mixed in the
must-have summer flower
of all time: the Geranium

{big smile}
The chicken was purchased from our local deli --

it was so good!
We met all the teachers needs:

cute, girlie salad menu w/some meat
and heavenly desserts!

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