Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tryon Wedding March 12, 2011

Everytime I do a wedding or reception,
I learn new things.
I absolutely love what I do!

I love the creative outlet it gives me, and the attention to detail that I get to show. I love to see the bride when she finally gets to see what's been in my head all along...
especially since it's not always conveyed easily.
I love to watch the people at the wedding enjoying each other!
I get all sorts of rewards for what I do.

I did pieces of this wedding for a friend who was in desperate need.
There's always that thing called a budget that sometimes dictates what you get and what you don't.

{sad, but reality...ugh!}

I did the entry/sign-in table...
nothing crazy...just stuff I have - but I love that I have these
"go-to" pieces.

I just recently bought this super tall stand... it can house about anything from chandeliers, to mirrors, etc. Today it held a long piece of fun tin.
This budget didn't include an expensive venue,
instead they opted for the cultural hall.

I wanted to "hide" the permanent basketball hoop
so I hung this tall curtain up with my lighting posts.

We did the lighting in here, too -
there's something magical and fun about that light tent!
It can make anything seem like your transformed to another space!
Of course, there were lots of chandeliers, too!

I bought the smaller posts quite awhile ago
and hadn't had a chance to use them yet...
they hold a large bouquet quite nicely
and at an unexpected height!

The receiving line stood here...
I changed out the canopy on the awning to white,
added the fun toole and ribbon.

The bride adored it!
I decorated the food area,
the drink/dessert area, the receiving line area,
and hung the lighting.

I also added curtains along the walls
where the standard "padding" is so we could hide how cute that is (not).
The bride wanted to add she added the silver cut outs.
The funniest part of this party was that I didn't really have control over alot of it. I didn't even know the true color of blue that was being used on the tables or what the centerpieces were really going to look like. I'm USED to having control over all of it -even if it's being catered by an outside vendor. I usually have alot of input on the food and choices of it. For sure how we'll serve it. However, this time I didn't.

The cute little caterer they used as a family friend who (to her credit!) knew exactly what she wanted and had done it her "old school" way for 30+ years.
She had a hard time seeing my vision and
didn't like the serving pieces I chose very well.

She felt like she needed to teach me how to do it "right". I loved her for it... and we left as friends. Although, I'll be honest... I'm glad I'm a little crazy in the way I decorate! I'm more than happy that I don't mind spending extra time refilling the food table several times throughout the party in exchange for a smaller, more fun serving bowl. I'm glad there's nothing but drama...
and for the most part -- that's it's not your
mama's reception.

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