Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fowkes Wedding May, 2011 part 2

Of course, there are two lines to the food...;)
Her pictures on either side were absolutely stunning!
We made pasta; caesar salad, garlic spread and bruschetta topping for the fresh baked bread, chicken alfredo sauce, marinara sauce w/sausage meatballs; grilled vegetables and steamed spinach as topping for the pasta.  The evening was absolutely gorgeous -- AZ weather is hit or miss into May.  We got lucky and loved the cool night!
Aren't the colors romantic - to die for?
The small side tables holding the plates, etc.,
were a pin-tucked gray taffeta. 

The two candlesticks flanking the rustic frame sitting
on this linen makes me swoon! 
It makes me so happy to throw in the purple and
yellow polka dot napkins and plates! 
Unexpected - but a total package!
I used table lamps on either side just for some unexpected lighting

Since I did her sister's wedding, we decided to hire out the
lighting in hopes to bring a whole different flavor to this party. 
It was so worth the money they spent! 

The additional lighting I brought hit the spot w/ambiance & sophisticated glamour.
These linens paired with the shabby canopy
sitting on top in the middle was adorable!
Again, pairing glamourous w/shabby-rustic
pretty much = fabulous!
No detail goes unnoticed.  Everything was tent-carded!
Aren't the butterpats so cute?!

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