Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fowkes Wedding May, 2011 part 3

Dessert table. 
Because the main dishes were so extensive,
we made the dessert area as inviting!

Fresh fruit, darling cupcakes...
and stuff to
Pimp Your Cupcake!
So fun!

This was definitely an elegant reception.
Adding that little element of whimsical fun is exactly the kind of contrast I love!

The purple, lush ruffles were gorgeous...

Another of my favorite vendors is:Shye Petersen

She made her pretty!
It sat perched atop a beautiful, blinged-out, layered garden stand.
With scrumptious cupcakes all around - no one could resist!
fresh fruit... darling plates!
This is the little area on the table where
guests could decorate {PIMP} their cupcakes. 
Purple crystal sugar, silver/gray sprinkles
and crushed oreos served as the toppings. 
It's fun to give the guests something to do!

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