Monday, September 5, 2011

DeAnn & Westin Reader...September, 2011 pt 3

The food table.
We did a killer salad bar...
with 18+ toppings!
Fresh Fruit and Bread/Butter & Jam...

The linens for the food table were billowy, 
ivory taffeta ruffles topped with a 
delicate, gorgeous lace on top of a pin-tucked ivory taffeta... 
mixed with the chippy wood
antique tin top - it made HUGE statement!

The B&G were framed nicely in antique gold frames...
The table was lit w/signature chandeliers, and ---
old lamp shades 
dressed in burlap, lace, feathers & bling!

DeAnn & Westin's pictures 
are gorgeous!
I usually like to 'sepia' everything, 
but they were so pretty on their own, 
I couldn't touch them! 

Beautiful pink directional frames 
dusted w/gold framing pretty floral paper 
letting the guests know a cool, refreshing salad awaits 
them on a super hot 115* night... 
super cute & a great idea! 

Chippy old posts made into candlesticks tied 
w/blingy belt buckles hold a pretty pink candle...
next to a gorgeous picture of the B&G.

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