Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tess & Levi Hall... 9/10/11

Tess & Levi Hall 
got married on a date that is AWESOME!
but...the weather wasn't so good!
We made the best of it...but didn't get many pictures of the decor {sadly!}.

It rained all weekend off and on, and although we rented a tent to hold it all in,
it wasn't enough to keep all the decor up.
We decorated madly until 6pm (through the bursts of wind),
just long enough for the bridal party to see how pretty it was, and then just after 7 when the party started, Mother Nature unleashed her fury and we quickly moved what we could.

Here's a sneak peek of the super cute candy station!

She chose to buy candy in her colors, which were gorgeous!

...and yummy!

Under the big tent was the guest seating.  Food was under the patio.
We hung this beautiful chandelier from the center,
and still got to use the chinese lanterns... 
it was stunning!

I was able to grab a shot of her super cute little cake!  
She served cupcakes, but had a small cake made for the tradition of cutting it... she made these darling LOVE BIRDS after she saw them on etsy and saved herself quite a little change!  I was proud of her for all the little touches she made to compliment the decor I brought!

And, although this one got a little rained on...
the B&G didn't seem to mind too much at all.
Proving that 
is all you need! 

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