Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cheyenne & Wyatt, December, 2011 part 4

So, it just so happens that the cutest groom 
just might have grown up on the family dairy...
that just so happens to supply milk 
{woot! sunrise dairy!} 
to the grocer's in the White Mountain area.

There was no other choice than to do a cookies 'n milk bar for the guests!
Eight kinds of cookies were served... some were guarded family recipes... all were delicious!
Add fresh milk -- and Sunrise specialty:  Chocolate Milk
and you've got a cookie's match made in heaven!
 The textured and taffeta HUGE ribbon flowers 
added some fun to the muslin petticoat linen!

Milk served in super cute stripey straws... 
does fun come in any other kind of straw?!
I don't think so!

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