Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Haley & DJ Odom... Feb., 24, 2012 part 4

The food!  yum...
Notice the super cute linen around the 
bottom of this food table!
Holy moley, it's amazing!
Her food was three salads:  
caesar, antipasta and a black 'n blue salad.
Fresh fruit, artisan breads, butter and jam rounded out the menu.
I like the food to 'match' the party...
I work pretty hard at trying to come up
with a menu that I think compliments the flavor the wedding/reception.
This one was darling from entrance to the last detail!

I sprinkled the funnest pictures around of the two of them!
You can't see Haley's cute little red polka dot slippers in the background photo, 
but you can see DJs fun shoes... so cute!

Drink area...
can you see the cute photo the left of them in the Mesa Public Library?! 
ahhh, love it!
Look at her cake!
sooo cute!
and, we cut & ate it, too!  
{It was as delectable and it was cute!}  
People couldn't get enough!

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