Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dickerson Wedding...May, 2012 part 3

My camera doesn't do any of these table justice!
I like to publish these long before I get the
professional's pictures because I simply can't wait!

The second table was a toille pattern...
The floral centerpiece was in an
antique silver pitcher that sat on a stack of old
books with a birds nest sitting next to it.

I had the floriest do a small arrangement to sit
next to the cluster in glass...just to mix up the textures.

I love this table, too!
{of course, I do!}

 A quick look a the green frames on all the table that instructed the
guests on what to do with the cute note cards {pictured}.
 Here's a cleaner picture.. 
a little brighter than the ones above.

Do you just love those flowers!?

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