Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dickerson Wedding...May, 2012 part 2

This is the B&G sweetheart table.
It was nestled amongst the guest tables so that
they could feel everyone's love for them surrounding them!

Apple green stripes wrapped in a deeper hue of green,
rose ribbon... it was gorgeous!

 This is the a look at the centerpiece and the linen 
for the one of the table looks we did.  
We pinched the linen in the center and put a 
frame over it to resemble a belt buckle... 
add an old clock & a sugar bowl 
full of stunning fresh flowers
and you've got a gorgeous table!  
 This is the actual floral centerpiece sitting tall among 
the other things on the table.
I sure do love Watson Flowers and their 
girls' genius brains that come 
finish off my concept for me without a 
worry in the world!
 It's just lovely, right?!
 Each table had some pretty little note cards 
on it that Rachel had printed to match her announcement.  
In lieu of a guestbook, she had people leave
the happy couple words of advice on these.  

Just darling!

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