Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dickerson Wedding... May, 2012 part 1

Oh, I am in love 
with this wedding!
First it was in a space I hadn't decorated in before...
NOAH's in Gilbert, AZ--
and second because this was just a 
quaint family & friend gathering
that I left feeling like I was part of and had known
for my whole life!

I really love these people!
This is the entry...
Her colors were just green... well, green & creams,
but "make sure there's some kelly green in there... 
it's my favorite!"

When she first told me, all I could think of was 'EW!'
Not so much a fan of the kelly green... and soon I will be
the owner of kelly green linens... ;)

Little did I know that I would love every detail of this
wedding!  Every shade of green...
and especially the silk kelly green linens!
Do you just love that french printed fabric runner?
Me, too!
And the antique lace hugging the table?
Me, too!

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