Thursday, June 28, 2012

Jared & Camryn... June, 2012

Jared & Camryn were sooo fun!
{..and sooo funny!}

This reception, quite honestly, was brilliant!
Not because I decorated it, but because
the cute couple wanted the party, but didn't want to drag it out...
so, they got married Saturday morning
[as you know we live in's blistering by mid-June...
pictures are difficult...her bridals were shot at 5am!]
at 9:30 - took a few pictures around the LDS Temple
the headed to the cultural hall for a reception immediately following!

Yes, you read it right... 
her reception was from12:30-2:30 in the afternoon!
{plus, it was great, because I double booked myself
and had a reception that night in a backyard! --so the timing couldn't
have been better!}

 I don't normally post pictures in this order,
but this is how they came ---
Here's her cake table...
cake wasn't assembled yet, but it was really cute!

I perched it ontop of a round old suitcase...darling!
 Her colors were black & white w/fuscia pink...
Fresh flowers from
Flowers by Ellen 
rocked the place!
The back side of the candelabra had these old house numbers...

Loved the crinkled pink taffeta underlay juxtaposed w/a black burlap runner.
The yummy ruffle down both sides has a fun gingham print.  

I seriously absolutely love mixing these concepts/ideas together!
A tall vase full of fresh hot pink flowers made me smile.
{really big}
 Here's the receiving line area. 
Old fencing flanks old black posts ripped from an old building.
The flowers & chandeliers add drama...

Her food area...
Because her reception was in the day - the food could be light.

It was a salad bar...stocked w/fresh fruit and rolls.
Budget friendly, delicious and cool on a super hot day!

 Again...can't say enough about the flowers!
Thank you Ellen!'s true!
Jared & Camryn 
started their
Happily Ever After...
that day!
 An overall look at the whole party.
We dotted the lighting w/chinese lanterns in her colors.

Thank you, Cami & Jared 
for letting me be a part of your
big day!

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