Thursday, June 28, 2012

Shalae & Jared... June, 2012

Shalae & Jared...

Well, here's the story!
I've done a reception/wedding before where we've had some foul weather.
If you scroll through some of older weddings you'll run across
Tessie Cody's wedding.  
It was in May of last year ~we didn't get many pix of that one!

When you plan an outdoor wedding in AZ anywhere past May
you can expect two things...
{extreme heat}
and the possibility of a monsoon storm rolling in.

We got the reception decorated for Shalae & Jared, who hired us to
decorate her wedding in her family's backyard, but the storm came through.

We didn't get pictures of it!  
I'm so sad...
I hope her photographer will eventually get some to me so I can add them.

{We literally spent the last hour and half prior to her reception trying to figure out
what we could nail down/tear down and still have a fun party.}

It actually turned out great.  
These storms roll through and get seriously gusty...
but after about an hour they pass through and it's nice and a little cooler, too!

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