Wednesday, October 10, 2012

O'Gaffney Wedding...September, 2012

Where to start with this wedding?!
I got a call from the sweetest mom ever in need of some help...
I invited her over for a consult --
we clicked as friends, and we planned a wedding!

Ashley was soo fun to work with!
They had some ideas of their own, and we sprinkled some
of them throughout the centerpieces.
{Make sure you check out her homemade bouquet...
a fun, sentimental keepsake that will make you smile!}

I included this photo for two reasons...
1) can you see the volkswagon van?
Yes, it's a made out of LEGOS by her cute baby sister...
who wanted to give her something!  

And, 2) check out her honeymoon fund jar!  

Guests were given cards to write 
so sweet!
Ashley & Jeremy 
favors were dipped pretzels...
{I took 2! lol}

 ...and here it is!
Her bouquet!
She spent quite a lot of time making this!  
It's antique brooches...
some family heirlooms...
all have some significance in her life!
We made an "I SPY" card for people to 'spy' all the the brooches
that mean something to her...
{insert happy heart here}
Her 'guestbook' was NOT your average guestbook, either!
She found this canvas that says 'ASHLEY & JEREMY' all over it!
Fun, crazy...and a lover of music! 
{they're both studying music at school right now}
Guests used metallic sharpies to sign their names...
it will be a great piece of art for their new home!
Sweetheart table.
A family friend made the centerpiece
for her... candles with sheet music.

 Her colors were a pale/lemon yellow, coral and turquoise...
She made her mason jars with tea-stained doillies 
and old-fashioned buttons---

Her cake station...
My darling Melia Mason never disappoints 
w/beautiful {and tasty!} cakes for my brides!
I was thrilled to use my old cake boxes for the display!

 Her drink station was water...
and old bottles filled with milk...
sure to soothe your thirst after visiting a 
fully-stocked cookie bar!
Cookies were made by family friends w/age-old recipes.  
Each one was delicious in it's own right...but I took some of each!

We dressed the jars to match the theme!
Fun napkins... details matter ;)

Thank you, Ginger O'Gaffney 
for becoming my friend
and letting me help with Ashley's wedding!
{I wish I had a picture of your sassy converse that you all wore!}

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