Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rustin & Kristen Pulver...October, 2012

Kristen Hoagland & Rustin Pulver
amaze me!

They met with me early in the summer...
they had the most fantastic backyard
{which happens to be a friend of mine, too!}
Candace & Mark Reeb
to decorate in.

They had definite ideas about music and tone...
and wanted the perfect vintage feel...
Check out her dress at the end of this post!
Oh, holy moley...
if I were to marry the Thriller again, 
I'd have to copy it!

This is soo funny!
Mark & Candace are avid hunters.  
They've hunted all over the world.
This is one of their trophys...
and because guests entered through the house,
we thought it was only appropriate we use him to block off
some of the house and direct guests out back...
Candace's home is amazing in it's own right.
I almost felt bad bringing in things to decorate it
because her things are so beautiful!
I think we did alright with the little we did in the home!
 A little entry/guest sign-in table and gift area
--which kept people from wandering down the halls, too.

Upon entering the home, beyond the 
entry foyer is an open courtyard.
The B&G stood in front of this outdoor fireplace.
We strung lights reminiscent of SWEET HOME ALABAMA
above to light it up... 
all florals were done by a family friend!
After visiting with the B&G, guests were greeted by an amazing food area...
mismatched plates and rolled napkins 
w/vintage silverware were waiting 
as you entered the backyard.  
Old suitcases served as the holding space for the silverware...
so darn cute!

 I loved the clipart I used on these tent cards describing the yummy
Tia Rosa's catered taco bar!  
Matched the party :)

 Old desk drawers and suitcases 
held chips for the salsa bar.
Vintage glass and antique card holders 
were the perfect touch to finish off this table.

We set two separate sets of lighting up 
because the backyard was so big.
Each set had a drink station, so the guests 
wouldn't be far from quenching their thirst.
Early October in AZ is still warm in day 
{low 100s}
but the nights are amazing!
Of course, 
mason jars & stripey straws 
were the beverage holder!  
 The other drink station...
The cake station...
Smore's bar...beautiful awning and old flower cart.
Now take a good look at this... the yard is 1/2 grass
and 1/2 regulation half sport court.  The bride desperately
wanted the basketball hoop covered up ---
no worries!  We made an awning and wa--laaa!
{smile, #kindaproud}

{What you can't see is the DJ area... Rustin loves Guy Pennacchio... 
he's a throwback Sinatra-like singer who does weddings occassionally.  
He's not only adorable, but can sing like a bird!  
Having him do 2 sets was a perfect addition to this party!}
 Photo station...

 Candy station...
{thank you Lori Crum-Flake for rocking my world with this!}

The head table... 
this love this sign!
Kristen's colors were mint green, coral... we added lots, and lots of burlap!
{and vintage fabrics in other colors!}

Burlap underlays w/taffeta ruffles topped 
w/antique lace runners and some whimsical coral polka dot?! 
What?!  yes, loved it, too!  
Florals were done by a family friend ;)

 An overview... we added doillies to the light strands 
for some added vintage drama...
The B&G left under a swirl of friends waving sparklers...
I can't get enough of them!
Thank you, cute Kristen & Rustin!
You made my night!
Your spunk & fun was a pleasure...
love this dress!

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