Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kayla & Joseph 4/20/ table pt 1

absolutely charming!
that's how I describe this tent!
I have them in several colors...but since b/w is the theme of the night
(w/o ruffles...per Kayla!), I think it made the food area especially special.

...this was the food area under the tent.

The menu:
ice cream (scooped by pretty much the cutest girlies),
toppings for sundaes,
chocolate chip cookies & peanut butter bars (fave's of the B&G),
and gorgeous fruit...yum!

each side was stocked the same, so we could avoid long lines
(always a downer @ a reception or party!)
we filled the cute bins w/ice and put the gallons of ice cream directly in there...
add cute girlies w/cute aprons to scoop, and waaala!

the strawberry topping drew you in... it looked too pretty to eat!

it never hurts to give a little thought to what you're serving your guests their food in...
I love to mix 'n match some unpredictable things on the food table
to give it some interest!

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