Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vintage Elegance: Sara & Gabe pt 3

Food area.
Do you see their picture? Sara & Gabe look like a picture out of Abercrombie ad...very vintage-y. These big chunky antique frames are awesome. The striped fabric billowing across the back is amazing, and the dresser sets the stage for the whole thing! Add the elegant table linens, antique posts and chandeliers...perfect.

The antique-looking striped fabric met in the middle of the food tables above the dresser by a cute "mr. & mrs." sign.

Vintage. Elegant.

Her menu was simple: fruit, pasta and caesar salad; sliced fresh baked bread w/butter.

Her cake was so freakin' good! {sorry, an adjective was needed!} She didn't want your average cake... she wanted something someone in her circle of friends hadn't done.

Meet "Nothing Bundt Cakes". I pounded three thin slices of all three flavors in a matter of minutes. {The sugar rush was awesome! hee hee hee!!!} They are sooo cute & delicious. They come drizzled {shown below} or piped for a more whimsical look. They have lots n' lots of flavors. We chose chococlate, chococlate; lemon and raspberry.

A good view of both sides of the food area...I really, really liked this food area!

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