Tuesday, November 30, 2010

French Inspired "Winter Formal" dining

Winter formal dining table...ooo! la! la!
{{a little french twist!}}

I chose this look based on one of the girls' mom's vintage china settings.

I loved mixing the old pattern w/some zebra... the font on the placecard settings {on the personal-sized Martinelli bottles} added some "fun flavor" to the party! Did you notice her gorgeous pink goblets? I might have been coveting them...shhhh!

Not a shortage of beautiful bling,
mixed w/a palet of pink colored peonies...
the linens were a white underlay
w/an effervesent, shimmering grey top
loaded w/pretty little ribbon flowers.
The grey was stunning against her plates.
I love this font!
I chose the best adjectives to
describe the girls at their place settings.
The boys just got their names in a smashing distressed scripty font... ;)
{they should know they are w/some amazing girlies...
and if they forget how to tell them or need a reminding...
it's right there subtley in front of them!}
I dropped some of the black lace
along the back of the chairs.
I think the black color & the lace pattern
lended itself perfectly to the entire thing!
The centerpiece for all 8 couples was a tall vase of florals...
I hope they had the funnest time!

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