Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Lip Bliss....

I have the best kind of friends!
Creative. Thoughtful.
Willing to jump in to make a difference.
Enter Sara Buntrock!
Sara's little company all started from a little shopping trip she was having w/her teenage daughter. Upon entering a mall "makeup" store, her daughter started looking at lipgloss. Sara was appalled at the suggestive names of the colors/flavors. That day, a concept was born... fast forward: "What's Your Virtue". Not only a great little company helping women to preserve their beauty on the inside...but to let it "shine" on the outside!
This lipgloss is a "gloss" with a tint of color...
{my favorite is "generosity"}
it's the perfect mix of shine
w/alot of stuff I don't pay much attention to,
but that my lips thank me for later!!
{{purifying and protecting properties of anti-oxidant extracts,
green tea, moisturizing Vitamin E, nourishing peppermint oil,
fortifying castor, etc., etc.}}
Why do I add this to my blog?
Well, let's face it!! Getting married requires alot of kissing!
Did I say alot of kissing?
I meant to say
ALOT of kissing...
your lips are going to need to be at their peak
for all the warm kisses you'll be giving to family, friends...
and your groom!

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