Tuesday, February 8, 2011

OOOlala! -Joanie & Tony Judd 2/5/11 part 4

The cake... holy sooo cute!
Do you see the cute fleur de lis cutouts?
The cake came from
Piece of Cake
{they offer a service of giving the b&g cake on their 1st & 5th anniversaries as part of their purchase}
Did you notice it's got a cute toole skirt?
All the important tables do... sign-in, food and this one!
Table look #1.
The bride was specific in her color choice:
Watermelon Pink/David's Bridal
We matched it dead-on.
A wide, striped ribbon around the top for accent compliments it nicely,
and a black candelabra for the centerpiece.
Table look #2.
Aged damask top...I love this one so much!
The center is the genius of Ellen,
the Wright House flower lady... I love her brain!
She took some real stuff and some of my cute fake stuff and made this amazing centerpiece in my glass vases! We added a some feather plume for french flair... and two cute votives with chandeliers etched in the sides.
You can never have too many chandeliers!
We did a traditional toast during the reception.
Each table had a bottle of Martinelli's (not shown).
This is the tent card that reminded the guests
to not drink it until it was time!
I really like to mix it up with different table sizes
and looks on the table. I think it adds drama & spice.
I typically like to use both 60" and 48" rounds...
and when I get the chance and the space allows...
a few "high-boys" are perfect.
On the high-boys we put some of the B&Gs
fave pix of growing up for guests to enjoy.
{and yet another centerpiece: a crown *woot* for more drama!}

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